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Tanya Mack and Larry Small with HealthGate, Mike Caines with Marietta Business Coach, Jaime Benedetti and Bob Gucer with Benedetti, Gucer & Associates and Ameriprise Financial and Danita Harn with Harn and Associates

November 15, 2012 11:40 am

Tanya Mack & Larry Small/HealthGate

HealthGate is a new, online healthcare community that partners with board certified physicians and specialists to offer healthcare savings to patients (insured or not). Almost everyone has a personal story in which they had to manage limited coverage, high deductibles or no HC coverage. People are spending more on healthcare out of pocket and pricing transparency is an issue as most patients are uninformed. HealthGate is a new website that bridges the gap between patients and doctors with pricing transparency. HealthGate and their affiliate physicians also offers “donated savings” opportunities in an effort to “give back” to the communities they serve.

Tanya Mack, President, has over 25 years of healthcare experience in the areas of operations and business transformation. She has worked with physicians, clinics, hospitals, and healthcare companies with such clients as Johnson and Johnson, HCA, National Medical Care, and Pediatrix.

Larry Small, Chief Marketing Officer, has over 20 years experience in both traditional media and digital marketing. Prior affiliations include Groupon, Turner Broadcasting, and Interactive Corporation.

Mike Caines/Marietta Business Coach

Mike Caines is with Marietta Business Coach.  Over the past 30 years he has been involved with helping companies both large and small, international and local, improve their processes. The impact of focusing on improving how they manage their processes has a dramatic affect on top and bottom lines. It also has a positive impact on internal employee job satisfaction. In Georgia they have resources available to help defray the cost of these efforts such that most or all of the cost is covered.

Jaime Benedetti & Bob Gucer/Benedetti, Gucer & Associates and Ameriprise Financial

Jaime Benedetti, CFP®, CRPC® and Bob Gucer, CFP®, CRPC®, ChFC® of Benedetti, Gucer & Associates and Ameriprise Financial, a full-service financial planning firm, share information that helps individuals prepare for life’s needs such as retirement, estate planning, tax management, investment management, retirement plan distribution and wealth preservation strategies.

Danita Harn/Harn and Associates

Harn and Associates team members have been providing high-quality work output for more than 15 years individually and nearly a century as a group. Their mission is to provide clients with professional business solutions for bookkeeping, payroll, HR, marketing and business consulting that are both practical and innovative.
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