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Malenka Warner with Daybook Network, Jacqui Chew with TEDx Peachtree, Neale Martin with Sublime Behavior Marketing, and Peter Bowerman the Well Fed Author

October 24, 2013 4:48 pm


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Malenka Warner is Managing Director and Owner of Daybook Network, which specializes in hyper-local news syndication. Atlanta Daybook, is used by non-profit organizations, PR agencies, advertising agencies, government agencies, professional organizations and corporate communications departments, to “Get the Word Out” about their news and events. (Nashville Daybook is gearing up, and other cities will follow in 2014.)

With over 30 years experience in broadcasting, interactive and social marketing, and public relations – Malenka makes sure that Daybook helps its Contributors capitalize on the Digital Ripple involved with online promotion.

Atlanta Daybook has over 7,000 subscribers, including reporters and newsroom staff from radio stations, television stations, newspapers and magazines, government officials, corporate and nonprofit leaders and the community influencers. Daybook is about engaging the community in your brand story!

And because Daybook has been around for over 14 years, it also brings tremendous search-equity strength to Contributor’s stories. Add to that the Daybook social promotion strategy for Contributor stories with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – and you can see why Daybook is the catalyst for your Digital Ripple.

NOTE: Malenka mentioned the GBI Cyber Safety Initiative – which responds to community requests for presenters on the subjects of Cyber Safety and Cyber Bullying. If your community group is interested in having a trained individual come present more information, you can click here to make your request:

Other online resources that Malenka mentioned:, and

Jacqui Chew/ TEDx Peachtree

Jacqui Chew Spent the last 15 years leading high-performance teams at both marketing consultancies and corporations. Four years ago she started iFusion Marketing to exorcise her passion for supporting innovation and by extension technology startups. Officially, iFusion Marketing is a consultancy that provides fractional CMO services to technology startups. In practice, she serves as the stand-in senior marketing executive for companies that aren’t quite ready to add a permanent senior marketer to their team. Tasks run the gamut from strategy planning to brass tacks execution.

Jacqui apprenticed with some of the best in Atlanta such as Georgia Technology Hall of Fame inductee Leland Strange and worked with or at some pretty recognizable companies like eBay, Durex Consumer Products, PeopleSoft (acquired by Oracle), Miller Brewing Company and Stonesoft (HA+infosec for you cyber security buffs). Finally, she led the launch of Silverpop,, and during the tech boom of the late 1990s.

Neale Martin/Sublime Behavior Marketing

Neale is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sublime Behavior Marketing, a marketing consulting firm that applies brain science principles to shape and change consumer and organizational behavior. Neale’s expertise in unconscious behavior has been widely embraced by some of the world’s top market researchers at leading companies in diverse industries including CPG, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, and wireless. His work on the primacy of unconscious mental processes helps explain many of marketing’s most pernicious errors.

Neale is an accomplished author, consultant, speaker and college professor. He is the author of the celebrated book Habit: The 95% of Behavior Marketers Ignore, a pioneering examination of the principles of marketing in light of research from cognitive psychology and neuroscience. In Habit, Neale guides readers through the complexity of the human brain and remarkable examples of the impact of the unconscious mind across business, pop culture and daily life. Perhaps most importantly, the book lays the foundation for a habit-based approach to marketing that updates traditional marketing tenets with 21st century brain science.

Peter Bowerman/Well Fed Author

Peter Bowerman is the author of The Well-Fed Writer (2000), TWFW: Back For Seconds (2005), The Well-Fed Self-Publisher (2007) and the 2009 edition of The Well-Fed Writer – which combined and heavily updated the content of BOTH original WFW titles. The WFW books are how-to “standards” in the lucrative field of commercial freelancing – writing for businesses, large and small.

In 1993, after a 15-year career in sales and marketing, Bowerman turned his sights to freelance commercial writing. With no industry experience, no previous paid writing experience and no writing background, he built a commercial freelancing business in Atlanta, Georgia from fantasy to full-time in less than four months.

His corporate client list has included The Coca-Cola Company, MCI, BellSouth, IBM, UPS, Holiday Inn, Cingular Wireless, DuPont, American Express, Mercedes-Benz, The Discovery Channel, Junior Achievement, Georgia-Pacific, The Cartoon Network, the CDC, The American Heart Association and many others.

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